2018 Event GPS Tracking Replay - Day 1

2018 Event GPS Tracking Replay - Day 2

The ROC Mountain Marathon in 1 minute & 30 seconds

2018 ROC Mountain Marathon

Run. Orienteer. Camp. Repeat 🙃Entries for 2019 open later this year - get your guesses in now for where we're headed next year!P.S. Tag someone who would love to join us then.🎥 Steve Ashworth Media

Posted by ROC Mountain Marathon on Monday, 1 October 2018

What is the ROC?

Standing for Running, Orienteering, & Camping, the ROC Mountain Marathon™ is a two-day fell running and navigation challenge for solos and pairs with an overnight camp. Typically taking place in mountainous destinations across the UK (England, Scotland, & Wales), the event is about self-sufficiency, adventure, and mountain craft.

Course choice

Linear – think ‘time trial’ – you navigate between a set number of checkpoints as quickly as possible.

Score – Acquire as many points as possible within a set amount of time (score checkpoints have different values assigned to them).

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Why the ROC?

GPS Tracking – Allows family and friends to follow in real-time + good deterrent to avoid out-of-bounds + post-event GPS trace for your logging + race control can monitor your safety. [more info]

Start when you like – no pressure to start at 07:48 – start times are not prescribed.

Self-sufficiency in the wilderness – with restricted entry numbers and a combination of both linear and score courses, participants have a huge choice of controls the chance of ‘snakes’ of runners all heading to the same control are minimised.

Age is no barrier – we welcome younger (14+) competitors to run with an adult 21+ and even accept experienced 16-17 year old pairs on the C course. [more info]

Famously relaxed and welcoming – it’s common to find fellow participants in the large marquee enjoying a beer and an evening meal the evening before. Expect a friendly team of event staff and marshals.

Part of the British Mountain Marathon Championship – chance to gain points to climb in the overall rankings.

Wide spread of prize categories (including Veteran and Super Veteran)

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