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Welcome to the Rab Mountain Marathon 2016

This final information should help you prepare for a weekend of fantastic mountain running and navigation at the end of September. If, after reading this, you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Key Timings for the Weekend

Please note these timings for the weekend ahead.

Friday 23rd September
1600 – Event Centre and car parking opens to participants. Please do not arrive before 1600 – the gate to the parking field will be closed!
1800 to 2100 – Registration Open
1800 to 2200 – Catering and bar opens (pre-ordered meals available).
2030 – Best of ShAFF Films Start

You are most welcome on Friday evening, and we hope you can join us at the Event Centre to soak up the pre event atmosphere.

Saturday 24th September
0700 to 0900 – Breakfast available (pre-ordered meals available).
0730 to 0930 – Registration open (all participants must be registered by 0930)
0830 to 1030 – Start times (all participants must have started by 1030)

Sunday 25th September
0700 to 0900 – Starts (all participants must have started by 0900)
1500 – All courses close
1500ish – Prize giving ceremony (as soon as we can calculate results after 15:00)

Travelling to the Event – Lift Sharing

If you are travelling to Rab Mountain Marathon, there is a very good chance (over 90%) that another runner who lives nearby is also entered. Why not car share and save on petrol costs? Simply tap in your postcode on the site.

It only takes a minute to see how many runners are in your area, and then register. Choose whether you might be able to offer a lift, and/or if you’re looking to get a lift. You’re under no obligation, and you can opt-out if you change your mind.

Event Centre – Location

The Event Centre (where registration, camping, parking, bar, catering and the shop is situated) is about 5km south of Kirkby Stephen on the B6259, immediately south of the tiny hamlet, Outhgill. Please follow the directional arrows as you approach. The closest postcode for satellite navigation systems is CA17 4JU

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The venue for 2016 was revealed on Friday 26th August 2016 – check out the video:

2016 Location Revealed

The 2016 location is revealed! Enter now before all the courses sell out at

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎ROC Mountain Marathon‎‏ في 26 أغسطس، 2016

Event Centre – Parking & Registration

Please only arrive and register on Friday evening if you are planning to stay at the Event Centre on Friday night. Access to the Event Centre is via a narrow track and it is not suitable for significant two-way traffic. There is plenty of time to park, register and walk to the starts on Saturday morning if you prefer to do this. Campervans will need to remain parked in the main parking area.


Event Centre – Catering & Shop

In addition to on-site catering, beer, cider and a selection of hot/cold drinks and snacks, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be selling loads of past-event clothing/oddities. Including some brilliant hoodies and t-shirts from Skyline Scotland last weekend, and for the map geeks, 1:30,000 roamers. There are some seriously great bargains to be had so please bring plenty of cash.

Joey’s Coffee

Once again, we are delighted to confirm that Joey’s Coffee will be attending the event to provide the finest gourmet coffee on Friday night, Saturday morning and after the event on Sunday afternoon.


Event Centre Camping

There is a 300m walk between the camping area and the Event Centre marquees and car parking. Please come prepared to walk your camping equipment to your tent.


Event Centre – Water

There is no mains water at the Event Centre. The water that is available comes directly off the fell and we are assured by the local farmer is safe to drink. However, if you prefer to bring your own drinking water, please come prepared.


Overnight Camp – Saturday overnight

You will only learn of this location, after you receive your event map at the start. All classes overnight at the same location.


Overnight Camp – Water

The water supply at the Overnight Camp is from a river running directly off the fell. Our advice to participants has to be to boil or treat water before drinking, although in practice, many participants choose to drink this water untreated. The choice is yours!



We expect you to be familiar with the course formats, as these are the ones that you have elected to enter! Event Format Information is on the website, and this explains when you get your map, and how the maps and courses are represented, which includes the issuing of accompanying Control Description & Value sheets for the Score Courses and Control Description sheets for the Linear Courses.

New for the Rab this year are the Linear Courses. As ever, we also have the Long and Short Score courses and these make up the majority of our entries. Please NOTE that you are likely to ‘pass-by’ other course checkpoints, that are not on your course, so for the Linear Courses you must be very sure that you are visiting the correct control for your course, or that if you do ‘miss-punch’ that you visit the correct control next. If this happens in the Score Courses, the miss-punch would just be disregarded by the download software, and is therefore not an issue for us. (Though it might be for you, as it will have been a non-Score checkpoint and, in effect, will be a value of ZERO points to you, and you may not quite have realized the error that you have made!)

Three special notes on the Elite and A courses: 

  1. You have a river crossing very early in Day 1. The crossing will be straight-forward, but you’ll get wet feet. We thought it might be kind to tell you pre-event!
  2. You are less likely to run in roads than the Score Courses (see below) but you will be crossing ‘B’ roads that can have fast vehicles. It is your responsibility to cross with caution.
  3. There is one ‘B’ road that has an Out of Bounds section towards the finish. Study the map for this.

Four special notes for the Score Courses:

  1. The array of checkpoints enables you to cross the map and valley at any time, and you will make use of footpaths at lower altitudes in order to do this.
  2. The event area is truncated by some ‘B’ roads. For this event, you are allowed to run in this road, but be very cautious of vehicles, especially; Motorcyclists – that like this winding ‘B’ road, cars and other vehicles – especially if you hear vehicles traveling in both directions – your position in the road is very influential on their safety too. Get hard into the road side verge, to prevent vehicle-on-vehicle collisions, other incidents and near-misses.
  3. Day 2 Score Courses have two finish locations depending on your approach direction to the Event Centre (i.e. your choice). This is merely to reduce anxiety on the run-in, when on narrow footpaths and road crossings. You may then take a gentle 5-10 minute walk down to the Event Centre for download.
  4. There is one ‘B’ road that has an Out of Bounds section towards the finish. Study the map for this. Depending on your approach direction to the finish, this may not affect you.

GPS Linear Course

  1. You will receive your Checkpoint Information at the Start line. You will have the opportunity to enter data into your device at this stage, or to just head off immediately.


Midges and Ticks

Midges. We hope not to see any, but it is possible and a midge net might be worth its weight in gold!   Ticks. There are ticks in the event area. Be alert and if you don’t know how to remove them ask one of the medical team. Long trousers (or ¾’s with long socks – it is an orienteering thing!) are recommended but we understand many of you prefer to run in shorts. Please be vigilant and check carefully for ticks at the Overnight Camp and after the event. Don’t sit in bushes or long grass!


Saturday Starts

There are two important things to note about the Saturday starts:

  1. There is a 3km / 100m height gain fully waymarked route to the start. It is on footpaths and scenic. This will take approximately 45 minutes to walk, and if the weather has been wet, then the field grass will be wet. Please leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy this walk – remember though, that as there are no allocated time starts, you should be able to walk and not rush. Also very important that your passage through the hamlet of houses is very quiet please.
  2. There are NO TOILETS at the START. Please ensure that you use the facilities at the Event Centre before setting off, and under no circumstances should you take a pee within site of nearby houses – please be discrete.
  3. Your GPS tracker will be issued at the start (not registration). Please allow 5 minutes.


Ecological Briefing Note

The RAB Mountain Marathon™ event area encloses some of England’s most outstanding upland landscapes, recognised as an area of national and international importance for their upland wildlife habitats, flora and fauna. Occasionally, the features that provide this interest can be vulnerable to the wear and tear that may result from the passage of RAB Mountain Marathon™ participants and we ask all participants to read the following Ecological Briefing Note to help minimise the impact of the event.


Damage and Distress in the countryside

If you become of aware of damage or distress to walls, fences or livestock, please make us aware ASAP, even if this requires a phonecall. We know many of the farmers and landowners, and our relationship and events’ relationship with them can be strengthened if we act responsibly and rapidly.


The Use of GPS Enable Devices

The soul of the Rab Mountain Marathon™ is a map and compass navigation challenge for mountain runners (and some walkers). This year we have introduced the ‘GPS’ course so that novice participants have a pathway into the event. We are not going to undermine the core aspect of the ‘nature of the challenge’, yet we recognise that a growing number of participants would appreciate the discretion to take photos, and to log their weekends adventure using GPS-capable smart phones, watches, or other devices. In actual fact, the reality is that this is already happening and often the photos and routes are shared via social media after an event. We would like to clarify the use of any GPS-capable device so that the right balance is struck for all participants, so that the rules are clear, and that the nature of the challenge remains sacrosanct.


  1. With the exception of the GPS Course, all GPS-Capable devices (other than the GPS Tracker provided by the organisers) are banned.
  2. If you wish to carry any GPS-capable device and remain competitive (i.e. be eligible for prizes and appear ranked in the results), the device MUST be declared, switched off, and sealed in an opaque envelope provided, at registration, and remain sealed until the finish on Sunday.
  3. If you wish to use your GPS-capable device in any manner (including to take photos with a smart phone), you may do so, but this MUST be declared at registration and you will be marked as non-competitive in the results (i.e. not eligible for prizes and appear unranked in the results).
  4. All non-GPS capable mobile phones are acceptable to carry and these do not need to be turned off or sealed in an opaque envelope at registration.

We expect participants to be honest and not to seek any unfair advantage whether specifically set out within these rules or not. However, we would strongly encourage participants to have a quiet word with any race official if they suspect another participant is using a GPS-capable device on our Elite, A, B, C, Long Score and Short Score Courses and whom also appears in the overall results.

For clarification, examples of GPS-capable devices include (non-exhaustively) GPS receivers (such as Garmin Etrex, Satmap, TomTom etc), Cycle computers (such as Edge, Brunton, Leyzne etc), all smart phones and many sport/smart watches (e.g. by Garmin and Suunto) that use GPS functionality to record/display any navigationally information like distance travelled or altitude, regardless of whether they also provide a grid reference or not. All barometric-only altimeters remain acceptable. If a participant needs to use their phone in an emergency they will not be penalised for this.

The GPS Tracker carried by each team records a waypoint every few seconds to create a GPX track of your precise route over the weekend. This data is available live via the event website during the event, and as a downloaded GPX file after the event. To be clear, every participant’s entire route is public and downloadable.

This means that:

  • If you wish to upload a track of your weekends activity to training diary like Strava you will be able to do so after the event.
  • If you pass through an area marked as Out of Bounds or over an Uncrossable Boundary, we will have no choice but to disqualify you, even if this happens retrospectively.



Your GPS tracker has an SOS Emergency Button. In the event of serious (threat to life or limb) incident, this button should be pressed immediately. Pressing this button (until it vibrates after ~3 seconds) is equivalent to dialing 999, and will initiate an emergency response by the emergency services and event staff.


Please note.  Although the GPS trackers record their location via GPS satellite signal, they only send out their location data and emergency messages via the mobile phone network (the same network that is used to send text messages). As such, there are black spots along the route where there is no network coverage. At these locations the tracker records its location every few seconds, buffering the data, and then sends it out once it is back in network coverage. In these black spots it is not possible to send an SOS message but always worth trying. In the event of an emergency, and with no mobile phone signal, raise the alarm by seeking our closest Checkpoint, and by alerting a fellow participant and a spectator. There will be a Sweeper following behind the last runner.



Thanks to the generous support of Rab, there are 90 Rab shop vouchers available as prizes. Prizes are awarded to the 1st placed teams and solo participants in all the class/course combinations, with the exception of the Walker’s class (which is non-competitive) and the Parent/Child class (which are both only available to teams on the GPS, C, and Short Score Course).

  • 1st Open Male (Solo 18-45)
  • 1st Open Female (Solo 18-45)
  • 1st Pair (Male, Female or Mixed – Pairs Combined age <90)
  • 1st Male Vet (Solo 45-55)
  • 1st Female Vet (Solo 45-55)
  • 1st Pair Vet (Male, Female or Mixed – Pairs Combined age 90-110)
  • 1st Male Super Vet (Solo >55)
  • 1st Female Super Vet (Solo >55)
  • 1st (Pair Super Vet (Male, Female or Mixed – Pairs Combined age >110)
  • 1st Parent/Child team (Short Score, C and GPS Course ONLY)


We are really looking forward to hosting this event in the Mallerstang Valley area. The west side of the valley, which includes Wild Boar Fell and East Baugh Fell has been occasionally used for mountain marathon events over the years. However, we believe that the east side of the valley, which includes Mallerstang Edge and Hangingstone Scar is brand new territory for mountain marathon participants. It is a fantastic area with perfect rolling moorland to run through, with areas of complex contour detail to test your navigation skills. There is something for everyone in this event, and we look forward to welcoming you to our Outhgill Event Centre.

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