Event Rules

It is the participant’s responsibility to know and follow these rules: Participants must follow the Universal Event Rules applicable to all events organised by Ourea Events Participants [...]

GPS Tracking

We introduced live GPS tracking to add significantly to the event safety and to engage with the friends and family of competitors. It made for very interesting ‘dot watching’! Each [...]

SPORTident Timing

The event will use digital SPORTident timing known as SI. At registration each competitor will be issued with their own SI Dibber, which must be ‘punched’ into the SI timing boxes at each [...]

Kit & Equipment

Equipment Checks Any solo competitor or pair that is vying for a prize will be kit checked at the Day 2 Finish. There will also be random kit checks at the Start, Overnight Camp and Day 2 Finish [...]

What To Expect?

What is a Mountain Marathon? “A mountain marathon is a test of your navigation (how efficiently you find the checkpoints), your fitness (how quickly you travel between the checkpoints) and [...]

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