Class and Prize Categories Explained


Your Class

A team’s class is automatically assigned based on the details of each team member provided during the online entry process, such as age, gender, and whether the individuals qualify as a family team. The different classes are:


  • Open Category (Any team, of any gender, with both team members aged 18+)
  • Female Category (All female teams, with both team members aged 18+)
  • Mixed Category (All mixed-gender teams, with both team members aged 18+)
  • Veteran Category (All teams, any gender, with both team members aged 45+)


Age Class Results

We understand that a large number of participants would like to see age class results and we will now include age class results (in 5-year age blocks) for the veterans. These will appear in the SI Entries results online during and after the event and any printed results displayed at the event.


Prize Categories

Prizes will be awarded to the following teams:


  • 1st Overall Team (The overall winning team per course. Any gender, any age)
  • 1st Female Team (The 1st Female team per course. Any age)
  • 1st Mixed Team (The 1st Mixed team per course. Any Age)
  • 1st Veteran Team (The 1st Veteran team as determined by the Veteran Handicap)


We will also offer the following bonus prizes:

  • 1st U21 Male/Female/Mixed Team on the Elite Course
  • 1st U20 Male/Female/Mixed Team on the A Course
  • 1st U19 Male/Female/Mixed Team on the B Course
  • 1st U18 Male/Female/Mixed Team on the C Course
  • Any U18 team completing the C or Short Score Course with a family member (Father/Daughter or Grandmother/Grandson for example)


Congratulations! You completed the ROC Mountain Marathon. ©Steve Ashworth

Prize Eligibility

If a team is eligible for two prizes (for example 1st Overall and 1st Female Team) then they will be awarded both prizes.

Previous Course Winners

Other than the Elite and Long Score Courses, winners from previous years (1st Overall, 1st Mixed Team and 1st Female team) are ineligible for the same prize when competing on the same course.
We reserve the right to determine a team’s eligibility for a prize where one team member has previously won a prize, pairs up with another previously unplaced member and they enter the same or an easier course.

Under 18s

We will accept entries from experienced 16–17 year old pairs on the C Course, so that they can compete in the U18 British Mountain Marathon Championship. However, a parent must accompany them to registration and sign the Parental Consent Form and the team must have provided evidence of significant mountain running experience beforehand. Please contact us to check eligibility. Our minimum age requirement for this type of team is 16 years old on the first day of the event.


Less experienced 14–17 year olds are welcome to enter the C Course or Short Score when accompanied by a supervising parent/guardian aged 21 years or older. Our minimum age requirement for this type of team is 14 years old on the first day of the event.


Young competitors are very welcome on the ROC ©Steve Ashworth

Veteran’s Handicap Prize

To decide the Veterans’ Handicap Prize we are using an identical system to the other Mountain Marathons in the British Mountain Marathon Championship. The handicap system is based on the following criteria:

  • A team is eligible for a Veterans’ Handicap Score if both members are aged 45 or older, or if a solo participant is older than 45, on the Saturday of the event. This applies to both men and women.
  • Only the age of the older team member is then considered for the Veterans’ Handicap calculation.
  • Female competitors are given an additional handicap equivalent to 10 years.
  • The handicap percentage is then calculated as 1% for every year over the age of 45.

Here are some examples:

  • A team of two men aged 50 and 55 has a 10% handicap.
  • A team of a man aged 55 and a woman aged 50 has a 15% handicap.
  • A team of a man aged 55 and a woman aged 44 is not eligible.
  • A team of two men aged 40 and 70 is not eligible.

This is how the percentage handicap is used:

  • For linear courses the total time over the two days is reduced by the handicap percentage.
  • For score courses the total point score over the two days is increased by the handicap percentage. If the total point score over the two days is negative, no adjustment is made.

Here are some examples:

  • If the total time over two days on a linear course is 8 hours 30 minutes and the handicap is 10%, the time used for veteran results is 7 hours 39 minutes.
  • If the total score over two days on a score course is 800 points and the handicap is 20%, the score used for veteran results is 960 points
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