Event Rules


It is the participant’s responsibility to know and follow these rules:


  1. Participants must follow the Universal Event Rules applicable to all events organised by Ourea Events
  2. Participants must not be separated from their race packs at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, pairs may carry each other’s rucksacks, and distribute personal and team equipment as they see fit, but please take careful note of Rule 3.
  3. For participants entered as pairs, they must maintain both voice and visual contact with each other for the duration of the event. Both team members must visit each checkpoint together – within 10m (please note SI controls are set up so that both members of a team must visit a control within 60 seconds for it to successfully register them).
  4. For participants entered as pairs, if one member of the team must retire, then both team members must retire for that day. If this happens on Day 1, the remaining participant may start Day 2 solo if they wish to. They may also team up with another solo participant, but they will be non-competitive overall.
  5. The competition area is embargoed. If a participant or team becomes aware of the competition area they are not allowed to visit the area in advance of the Event with the specific goal of gaining a competitive advantage over other participants.
  6. Participants and teams who wish to be competitive (i.e. qualify for a prize) in the event and championship may NOT use GPS / Satellite navigation devices to aid them. This includes ANY device which can display (or indicate using sound) position, distance travelled or speed, and also any device that measures altitude using GPS data – including mobile phones.
  7. Altimeter devices that work by measuring barometric pressure are allowed.
  8. Mobile phones may be carried, but may not be used to gain a competitive advantage. See Event Specific Kit List for more details.


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