GPS Tracking


We introduced live GPS tracking to add significantly to the event safety and to engage with the friends and family of competitors. It made for very interesting ‘dot watching’! Each team (i.e. pair or solo competitor) will be required to carry a GPS tracker.

Please bring your rucksack to registration so that we can attach the GPS Tracker.



GPS Tracking: Follow The Race Live

The GPS trackers can be followed live via our homepage at the time of the race.

For friends and family following the race please note that there are black spots where tracking data will be temporarily unavailable (see below), and a team’s tracker may appear to be stationary. Please don’t worry if this happens as we will be monitoring competitors’ progress around the course carefully.


GPS Tracking Public Information

Each team’s GPS track will be live in real-time during the event and will be publicly available to download as a GPX file after the event. It will also be possible to watch progress via a ‘live replay’ function on the event website. This means that any cheating (whether accidental or not), such as crossing an uncrossable boundary or passing through an out-of-bounds area will lead to almost certain disqualification from the event… even if that disqualification happens a few days afterwards.

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