SPORTident Timing


The event will use digital SPORTident timing known as SI. At registration each competitor will be issued with their own SI Dibber, which must be ‘punched’ into the SI timing boxes at each checkpoint, the start, and the finish to record your time at these locations. For those unfamiliar with this simple and reliable system, see below and please don’t hesitate to ask for instructions at registration.


How to use SportIDENT


Key point:

  • You will know if your dibber has registered at any SI box as it will bleep and flash by way of feedback. If you are in any doubt that you have successfully ‘dibbed’ a box, please take a note of the three letter code on the box and keep this safe until you download incase required.


The SI system is an important safety feature of the event and when competitors ‘download’ their SI data at the end of each day, we will be able to ascertain who is safely off the hill.

All controls (may also be referred to as ‘checkpoints’) will be marked with a white and orange orienteering kite as shown in the picture above.


Punching at Checkpoints

Occasionally, we are placed in the awkward position of a participant arriving at the finish without having ‘punched’ all the checkpoints along the way. Sometimes their GPS Tracker shows them visiting the missing checkpoint or passing very close by (within the margin of error of the GPS tracking). Sometimes, the participant has simply forgotten to punch and sometimes the participant claims that their dibber or the SI Station is faulty. We are left to interpret the data and make a judgement on the honesty of the participant, which leaves us open to making potentially biased decisions based on personal relationships. As always, we want our events to be completely fair, transparent and delivered without any potential for favouritism. Therefore, we are changing the rules relating to Punching at Checkpoints so that they are stricter and have less room for interpretation by us and/or the participant. The new rules are:

  1. If the timing chip is lost, then the participant will be disqualified, and will be charged for a replacement.
  2. Participants must register their timing chips at every checkpoint. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the chip registers (listen for the beep, watch for the flash!). If any checkpoints do not register, then the participant will be deemed not to have visited that checkpoint and be disqualified.
  3. Pairs must punch within 60 seconds of each other. We will assume that any failure to punch within 60 seconds of each other is because the pair have separated and therefore the pair will be disqualified.

What does this mean in practice? It means that if you (and/or partner) fail to register a punch at a checkpoint, lose or break your timing chip, you will be disqualified. The only exception will be if the SI Station itself is broken and then the participant must record the code on the box (having not witnessed a flash or beep from the box). A faulty SI Station will affect EVERYONE on the course and is almost unheard of.

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